10-12 July 2009: Project Camelot in Zurich: A New World – If You Can Take It. Dr Brian O’Leary will be in Zurich in July –

and will be speaking at a conference here organized by the Switzerland Ground Crew, an energetic group of some 20 people based in Zurich who are working closely with Bill Ryan. Brian will be joined by Bill and several other speakers whom the organizing team plans to invite. Brian will be speaking on The Energy Solution Revolution, and will recount anecdotes from his life from his early days in the NASA Astronaut Program and meetings with many of the world’s premier Free Energy activists. Bill will be speaking in depth on the recent Project Camelot major summary: 2009: a Tale of Two Timelines. 100 people have already expressed interest in attending, and there are 360 places. The event will be held at the Zurich Volkshaus and will begin on the Friday evening 10 July, ending at 5 pm on Sunday. Anyone interested in attending please write to groundcrew@projectavalon.net with the words “A NEW WORLD” in the subject line. We’ll keep in close touch with you regarding the details of both conferences in LA and Switzerland. http://www.projectcamelot.org/

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