New link added: Diego Rivera (1886-1957) – Art with a powerful message!

“La Creacion” – Diego Rivera

I´ve got an impression that many has slept on this amazing mural artist.  His work is much like the modern graffiti, but it has a much, much deeper level to it.  Quite successful and inovative in his workings, this Mexican was even hired to paint a huge wall in the Rockefeller placa, also known as the tower of the 666´es.  After it was done, the Rockefellers decided to paint it over and erase it.  The message in the art was too powerful and enlightening on certain topics, I guess.  If you ever go to Mexico City, be sure to visit the “BELLA ARTES” and see all the inside walls decorated by Diego.  His paintings illustrates our fascistic history with A-bombs, armies and skelletons in deep contrast with children, flowers and Butterflies.  But he is probably most known for his marriage with a confused woman called Frida Kahlo, another senseless, well known artist , whos probably been cannonized by the commercial world to put the real genius in the shadows.  From visiting the house the lived in, I got the impression that she was control-freak and that she adopted her whole style from her man, but lacking.  The Great ones surely are the most miserable in this “modern” world (like Munch or Van Gogh.)  Please check out his work and illuminate yourself!  I love this pioneer very much.  Rest in peace Diego! B.

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