New link added: The 2012 Deception

Many things are to be believed (or not) on this topic of 2012 and Planet X.  This site (link on right side of your screen), will help you cut thru alot of the BS linked up to 2012.  I had to express this, because even in my small country there are “indy” reporters who got this 2012 dick all up in their ass and mouth.  It even seem they got some goo in there eyes.  Its a crying shame, and somehow I feel that it´s apropriate to advocate against the lies at this moment!  Please check it if you are curious about the 2012 phenomena.  Don´t be mislead.  It´s about spirituality, yes!  But not like they are trying to portray.  Please keep away from imperial magik…  We´re trying to build a better world!  Did you ever go to Chichen Itza?  I did.  Sincerely yours,  B.


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