Dokumentarfilm: Nostradamus 2012

FiCO have released a interesting sounding History Channel documentary that focuses on Nostradamus and his predictions about 2012.

It’s a year that many have prophesied will bring a catastrophic end to life as we know it. Whatever is in store – a massive cosmic collision, a global environmental disaster, an Armageddon-like religious showdown, or a more subtle transformation – many believe that 2012 will mark a major shift in the history of our planet. But what is there to substantiate such fears?

A detailed, historical investigation of this chilling prophecy is the mission of Nostradamus 2012, an exciting history special that casts the doomsday warning in a frighteningly modern context. December 21, 2012 is bearing down on us with alarming speed. Whether or not we are able to collectively heed the warnings and affect a course to avert disaster may be the defining moment of the modern age.

Fra Releaselog.

For de som tåler skrekk-filmer anbefales The Killing Room. Dette er en psykothriller uten spesielt mye grafisk vold – men med en tilsvarende syk historie om psykologiske eksperimenter på mennesker. Selv om filmen er ren fiksjon er den basert på MKUltra. Med Peter Stormare som ond forsker (Mengele Jr.?)

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