Webbot Predictions – Interview from Militia Radio

Fra YouTube.

Se websidene Half Past Human.


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  1. I know people have seen UFO’s and want desperately to believe there are aliens inside. But, I have to tell you that they aren’t aliens; they are time travelers. Some of them are half human/half robot created for the purpose of time travel at long distances. Others are human and they can travel at shorter distances. The humans are of all races. Furthermore, just as if you were to travel back in time to the 1800’s, look how easy it would be for you to get involved with government and steal all the gold you could; people could easily be tricked by your knowledge. It’s the same thing now. We have time travelers in our government, tricking us and making a mockery of our laws, and stealing all the gold. Just look—–where is all the gold? Where did it go? It’s nowhere right now, but in about 10 years, we’ll suddenly find it in the hands of a bunch of old criminals.

  2. I could not agree more, joandill. Personally I believe the so called NAZIs is behind most UFO-activity, and that their plan is to re-colonize MARS. We all know they exchanged their uniforms for black suits after the war( Men In Black?) They have used OUR work, time and money to build the equipment needed for this agenda since at least the 1930s. Also it seems that the NAZIs and some groups within the Vatican are the same.

    So what has once Mr.Universe, the Austrian Arnold Schwarznegger, his family´s history and his movie-themes to do with this? Search the net and I´m sure you´ll find out something more about him…

    The NAZI-God is said to be the God of war, MARS. Even deeper, the story goes, as the Gods (our creators/ or partly creators), the Sirius SpaceFish Men, destroyed their home planet in the Sirius-system. Forced to leave, they went to this part of our Galaxy. Before going to Earth, they camped at MARS for a time-period. Perhaps building Pyramids and other stuff. After the disaster on Sirius they also split into two groups because of trauma. The two groups consists of two types of personalities, on top the controllers, under, the group of the controlled. (The ones being controlled lives by the rule that you can/shall not control another being, and therefore resists to take controll.) This reflects the two ways of religion existing today. The ones that control and the ones who want to be free. The slave mentality is akin to the “turn the other cheek” dogma. The Control-freak dogma is: “Do what tho wilt!” This is also parallel to the main two types of humans today, which most probably is the heritage of this karma-loop. Most of all, this might be GODs plan, so the experiences of both groups/sides can be recorded and used as this Universe expands and facilitates. Most of all, this fits perfectly together with our bi-polar lifestyle and problems. The challenge is to embrace both angles and balance them, like Yin & Yang – and reach the third Complete angle, all angles.

    “Some people say” that UFO sightings wore mostly seen i Europe before the WW2. After the war most sightings is registered in America. Is this because most NAZIs fled from Europe to USA and Latin America after WW2? I think so.
    Some NAZI rocket-scientists were later found deep inside the Amazon-jungle, teaching and directing a “lost” tribe to help them build more Aviating Discs and advanced technology.
    Brazil tops the list of UFO-sightings and even has a UFO-magazine running for over 25 years. BTW, blue-ish beings are often seen on Ayahuasca-trips in the Amazon too. Also NAZI Dr.Mengele is said to have experimented with DNA in another village in the Amazon region (Watch the movie: The Boys from Brazil).

    Also I believe it exists Symbiotic UFOs, maybe from other dimensions. That means it is an organic machine with a soul/conscience (Critters?). Read about this phenomena in the chapter EZEKIEL in the Holy Book.

    Some say NASA was started by NAZIs, I´m sure it was.

    Demons sees life as Black & White ONLY. The angels sees life is a VARIETY of Colors… You can choose your approach!

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