CODEX ALIMENTARIUS: EU kills illegal Sausage!


P8240178This Spanish sausage – the Chistorra – which is very delicious, will be illegal from next year because of the new EU laws on food known as the CODEX ALIMENTARIUS.

I have never really tought about the consequences of this new series of  laws, but products like this will actualy not be sold any more, due to bacteria and disease risk.  Andréj here also confirms that the polish specialty made of conserved cucumbers in vineager already is made illegal in EU, but might be obtained from the back if you know what to ask for.  The original recipe is substituted with an new artificial type, and the new product is largely available in shops.

What this actualy means, and what is often said about CODEX ALIMENTARIUS, is that it will actualy forbid natural or “normal” food and promote GMO food and artificials, wich really gives you tumors and all kind of health problems.  This is sick.  It´s infact so sick that I do not think this law will be able to be practiced or put into order!  But we might have to react – just a little bit.  (Some even say Leiv Vidar is behind the whole conspiracy!)

Health tip: Build up your imune-system by getting your natural vitamins, enzymes and minerals (amongst the treats and addictions) and you´ll handle some dirt in your food.  But Artificial stuff are something else, so stay away from that as much as you can!



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