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Emergency! Martin Armstrong Needs Your Help Now!

Martin Armstrong is being illegally moved to a hell hole jail in as an obvious payback for speaking out

Moving Marty is a clear act of retribution in direct violation of the law. As a result of the “The New Yorker” magazine article and the subsequent fact that many additional members of the Press have been trying to gain access to him, the new Fort Dix Warden Donna Zikefoose and her henchman David Steel and K Byrd, have ignored federal law and are attempting to move Marty to one of the worst, dirtiest, most unsafe jails in the US where he will not even have access to the sun let alone a type writer for the remainder of his sentence. This place is truly one of the worst jails in the United States. Marty will be mixed in with accused murderers, and other violent and dangerous types. They are attempting to slip this through over the holiday hoping to avoid notice. The facility they want to send him to is BOP (Bureau of Prisons) MDC (Metropolitan Detention Center) Brooklyn New York where they will work him for 11 cents an hour as a cadre. This is the sister facility to the one in Manhattan where Marty spent seven years in contempt (never even seeing the sun) and was almost beaten to death and wound up in intensive. This is a quote from Last paragraph of Marty’s Paper of “Looking Behind the Curtain…The Real Conspiracy” April 9, 2009 Paper. Marty tells the harrowing story as follows…

This move is completely illegal. We believe that they know it and are just playing dumb and hope that no one complains until it’s too late. Aside from this move is an obvious attempt to silence him and punish him for speaking out. It is absolutely illegal to move a prisoner with an open habeas before the courts. Marty has not one, but two open habeas before the court at this time.

#1 A habeas in Camden Federal Court # 08251

#2 A habeas in the Supreme Court # 099470

Rule 36 of the Supreme Court states that Marty can’t be moved while there is an open habeas.

Bureau of Prisons Program statement 5100.08 Chapter 7 Page 12 top paragraph (A document that controls what the BOP can and cannot do with regard to prison custody statutes see posting) states the following…

Under Rule 23(a) of the Federal Rules of Appellate Procedures, an inmate may not be transferred, pending review of a Habeas Corpus proceeding commenced before a court, without the approval of the court. Approval for transfer should be sought through the U.S. Attorney or Regional Counsel in cases where a Habeas Corpus petition is pending.

Furthermore rule 23 (a) of the Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure says the same thing (also attached)

FRAP 23. CUSTODY OR RELEASE OF A PRISONER IN A HABEAS CORPUS PROCEEDING (a) Transfer of Custody Pending Review. Pending review of a decision in a habeas corpus proceeding commenced before a court, justice, or judge of the United States for the release of a prisoner, the person having custody of the prisoner must not transfer custody to another unless a transfer is directed in accordance with this rule. When, upon application, a custodian shows the need for a transfer, the court, justice, or judge rendering the decision under review may authorize the transfer and substitute the successor custodian as a party.

They did not go to the judge because they know that the judge would say no and that it would open them up to scrutiny and more bad press. Instead they tried to slide this past everyone on a holiday weekend. They are breaking the law. Later if they get caught, they will just say they made a mistake. Bottom Line, Marty needs your help. We have gotten him a lawyer, but we are in a race against time to stop them from moving him.

Please Call email and fax the following people and tell them you know what they are doing and demand that they stop. Try to get through personally but if you can’t then at least leave a voice mail. This is a numbers game we need to let these folks know that we are watching and we won’t stand for it!

Warden Donna Zikefoose

FCI Fort Dix 609-723-1100 Office Extension 5100 FAX 609-724-7557 ATTN. Warden Donna Zikefoose

Email Please note that we are not 100% sure that this is the right email (95%) they don’t publish

their email addresses but it follows the exact naming convention for emails for the BOP.

Zukefoose Underlings at Fort Dix

Kevin Byrd (Marty’s Case Manager)

Phone: 609-723-1100 FAX 609-724-7557 ATTN. Kevin Byrd David Steele (The guy who handles the transfer) Phone: 609-723-1100 FAX 609-724-7557 ATTN. Zikefoose Superiors

Traci Billingsley, chief public information officer for the entire BOP Tell this woman we are involving the press and she has a mess on her hands, thanks to the Warden at Fort Dix.

Email Public Information Office of Prisons, U.S. Department of Justice, 320 First Street

NW, Rm. 654, Washington, DC 20534; phone: 202-307-3250; fax: 202-514-6878. Federal Bureau Of Prisons Northeast Regional Office

Regional Director Joe Norwood – Complain to this guy

200 Chestnut St Philadelphia, PA 19106-2979 (215) 521-7300