Update on Leo Zagami

A LOYAL ZION MAGE?  Much is being said about Leo!  He was the founder of the Committee Of Hope, now called The Club Of Now.  But most of all he is a profiled and knowledgable soldier in the metaphysical war, that often is related to as “Angels & Demons”.  He is also a very caring and interesting friend and a true Brother of humanity.  His and our main object is the protection and preservation of the Spirit in a society which is swallowed by MATERialism and an abstract idea of what money really is.  This is an important cause for a few of us daring to call ourselves HUMANS, and not just men or simply profane.

Off course his message has been heavily miss-understood in general, and even meddlers of the lower frequencies and nature-mages, so popular in this modern time, are afraid of what the light he shines on his listeners will eventually do to the men who holds the power of the distribution of wealth today and their shortcoming future.  The way “THEY” conceals their practices with black magik might very well be aligned to how certain homosexuals is trapped in the closet, and dare not to stand up even for themselves.  Get it?

Well, as we all have seen in the news and such, the world is infact changing for the better, little by little.  But one major issue is the misuse of natural forces through Technology, Propaganda and Mind-control, and it might be smart for the instinctive survivalist to study WHITE Magik to ward off  Parasitic “Demons” of the Sosialist agenda and so forth.  He´s only trying to help you see something, but many are already obsessed with thoughts and ideas preventing them and aiding in avoiding, the Zombies, from receiving real light, boundless love and the BIG picture.

“Let the one without sin cast the first stone!” Many also react negative to how he has played out his divorce in public.  Maybe rightfully, perhaps not.  The BOOK says: “Those who conceals their faults will NOT prosper”.  This means that those concerned with holding up the beautiful facade will be busy just doing that, and will never evolve past the idea of a flawless image / murky inside, to the real flawlessness that the idea of the creator brings forth in the potential of nature and reach their true self and the realisation of destiny, or transcendence through the densities.  Stuck in that modern corner, you will surely dismiss Leo´s Traditionalistic message.  True Beauty comes from within, and are associated with perfection.

Check this interview from Supressed Stories made by a Norwegian in exile:


Leo appears in this rather superficial new norwegian magazine called SMUG #1.  It gives you a short A 2 Z on Leos workings in Norway and more.  But sadly, only a chosen few has the eye to see where he is comming from and what the subject really is about.  Many of his friends don´t even have a clue and are afraid of piercing through to his heart.  I guess they have more then enough trouble of satisfying themselves in this god-forsaken time we find ourselves in now.  The article is only in written norwegian tho.

Here is also an in depth interview with Leo on Nightwatch earlier this year 2009.

Also the book “THE WORK”  by Zagami & Fullford is published in Japaneese now.

Norway IS the last stand for ateism, serfdom and hard power, and a spiritual war is sweeping over this icy rock we call home.  Are you ready to take part?  For you must choose a side, or rather a future.  Certain Norwegians have a very broad and bad influence on the world events, and especially wars, and the majority of the worlds inhabitants would appreciate if us Norwegians would clean the monkeys (APes/socialists) out our own garden I´m CONvinced!

Stop being Fake!  What you don´t know IS also TRUE…


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