Norwegian primeminister drunken speech on May Day/ Statsministerens fyllepreik 1. Mai

This is obviously  and older clip, but never the less…

It´s a 1. of May speech and is really messing it up and he is  taking the piss on Traditionalism.  He is the chairman of the Labor-party (nsd)AP in Norway.

The night leading to the 1. of May (MAYDAY) is filled with partying here in Norway.  The modern tradition of the last 10-15 years has resulted also in to rave parties.  And not with out danger, because a lot of young, also very young, people has suffered OD´s this very date due to large amount of chemical drugs flowing at such parties and elsewhere.  But in general people “only” fry their brains out on alkohol.

Site of Battle of Glen Trool, 1307:  In 1307 Robert the Bruce with a few infantry let 1500 English soldiers with cavalry chase him up this south side of Glen Trool. At this point he had laid an ambush, the rest of his men rolled stones down this hillside to pitch men and horses into the loch, and followed up by attack with archers, so defeating the English.

Anyway, it is a day conected to the celebrating of international socialism, the historical zionism in a veil.  In other words, the cult of “anti-social behavior”, a very grave danger.

Go to work this day!  You should celebrate that you have a job by going to work I think.  All entrepreneurs I´ve met work on that day.  Work leads to wealth you know.

CONclusion:  Anti-work leads to poverty!

The countries on this planet where the lowest classes is materially poorest, strangely matches the deegre of Jesuit / Maltese influence over power.  Brasil is one of them, and there is a lot of Afrikan countries on the list as well.  Norway is a wierd mirrorized project, where we are one of the worlds richest countries but facilities like schools, public swimingpools, public transport etc. are in a relatively low condition.  A lot of schools has shown to be rotten to the degree that many young pupils have caught Astmas and such.

Norway also tops the chart of suicides per capita in the world.  The right to be yourself is truly limited here in an more or less unseen way, not referring here to material goods.

Sources says the Elder of the St.Berg dynasty in Norway also is (or was) the Master General of The Maltese Order here and adimts he is a  Bilderberger.  He also adimted on National TV (NRK) he holds Cosmic Clearence.  He is the father of the prime-minister, just like the Bushes…  The NATO(Black-Illuminati) is mainly controlled by Norway and the US.  Jesuits holds money over spirit – anti-christ-consciousness.


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