Christmass Mysteries: 3 + wise men

Looking in to this, the ultra modern word “freakin´” came to my mind.  Like in freakin´ mystic or Jesus freak.  Ha ha!  Here´s the meme:

It all starts with this mosaic in Ravenna, Italy:

In Byzantium, Anatolian Phrygia lay to the east of Constantinople, and thus in this late 6th-century mosaic from Sant’Apollinare NuovoRavenna (which was part of the Eastern Empire), the three Magi wear Phrygian caps, identifying them as generic “easterners”.

It is NOT written in the Bible that there were 3 wise men.  It is however understood that these wise men came from persia and probably were some kind of (PRE-Islamic of course)  Sufi or Zoroastrian Magi.  They had read in the stars, Gods language, that an incredible boy were soon to be born.  Skilled in their practices, they took upon a trip and brought what they needed for the proper receiving of this mystical child.  The Myrrh Oil, Incense and Gold are all healing and “magical” substances, and was used to anoint and initiate this child in to the kingdom of Christ.  Jesus is not known to really be born in the month of December, I must add here  -Some say in August.

Astronomers today have recounted that a rare conjunction of SATURN and JUPITER and a strange light happened in March in the year  7. or 8. year B.C.  Saturn was held to be the star of Israel and Jupiter was the star of the Babylonian god Marduk.  They both appeard togheter in the House of Picies, which represented Judea.  This is where Bethlehem was and it was close to Jerusalem.  Many cultures celebrate 21. March as the birth of the Sun after the  colder winter, in these parts of the world.

If Jesus´ birth really coincided with this astrological phenomena, our calendar is some 7 or 8 years off.  That might be the case because our calendar was made by an Irish munk around the 5th C. A.D. it is said.  Christ´s birth was set to be the 25. of December already in the year 300 A.D. as an prolongment of the festival called “Sol Invictus“.

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