TV: Satan Rides the Media

The birth of norwegian black metal / Death metal.  Offerings, church-burnings, anger, hate and media.  Probably produced early in 1995.  Must see!

The media-effect has spread this culture worldwide.  Even spanish kids takes norwegian language classes to understand the texts in Norwegian rock music.

Greven, Varg Vikernes, the lead member of the black metal group Burzum owes hundreds of millions for burning churches (state property).  He was released from jail in 2009, serving only 16 of his 21 year sentence.  Today he has three children and his wife takes care of him Dagbladet writes.

Exposed: Norwegian culture is controlled by devilwhoreshippers.

The vocalist of the metal rock group Gorgoroth, Gaahl (Kristian Eivind Espedal), a famous norwegian black metal artist, is going to act in a play about a real murderous couple, courtesy  of the official norwegian theater DNS, in the city of Bergen.  He has said that he supports the burning of churches (1000-year old wooden viking churches amongst others) and he likes to be with other men.  Norwegian priests react negativly to the hiring of such a person in the mainstream and state sponsored theater.  But it comes as no suprise since the chiefs of theaters in Norway are known high-ranking members of the occult group OTO in Norway and Europe.
This makes official the war on Christ, Society and Tradition.  OTO, a Saturnian spinoff cult, best known for its member Aleister Crowley is known for its workings with Typhoonian chaos magik, Seth, Choronzon Club, Hellfire Club, sex-magik, man to man sex and the XI° anal intercourse.  “Yes, we had a close relationship,” admits modeling agent Dan DeVero about shock rocker Gaahl to  Gaahl will debute as actor in the opening ceremony of the famous “Festspillene i Bergen/” May 26. this year under the supervicing of the theater chief Bjarte Hjelmeland, who is also a blues / country artist.
Links to norwegian newspapers on this: Bergens TidendeDagbladet og TV2.
Learn more about Gaahl and Gorgoroth from the documentary “True Norwegian Black Metal“.

Dan De Vero & Kristian Espedal
Arild Strømsvåg
DATE OF BIRTH: October 4. 1951
OCCUPATION: Cand. Philol. in Folkloristics, Head of Academic Affairs at Molde University College 19982002, now General Manager of  Agder Teater AS in Kristiansand. He is also said to be the head of OTO in Norway and northern Europe, but this is hard to prove. Another known norwegian elitist family member and OTO-top member, Nicholaj De Mattos Frisvold, makes this site from Brazil: