Voodoo – African magic

Voodoo is a modern term used to adress african magic.  It´s roots are from the many tribes in the “motherland” of Africa.  Africans brought these rites all over the world through slavery, business and travel.  This magic is dealing with the earthly (water, earth/minerals) energies sometimes described as The Beast or Devil(s).  It uses the lower energies in nature also called Anima.  Voodoo exists today in many mixed African cultures abroad such as in USA (Mississippi, Louisiana), Haiti and are the roots of Brasilian Candomble, and the spanish type Santeria.  European collonists obviously was fascinated by these rituals and incorporated them into their own magical systems.  The movie Avatar touches this subject.  It has something to do with possession and spirits.  CON warns not to take part in rituals like this!  Here is a link on this topic:  http://www.afrikanvoodoomagickpowers.com/

Demigod Exú / EshuDemigod Exú / Eshu

Reino de Exú is a notorious sect in Brazil, well known for practicing black arts.  Exú was known to make quarrels and wars among men.  His colors are red and black.

Voodoo is forbidden with in “True Christianity” because it is just another form of idolwhorship!  Christians are basicly more interested in manifesting the higher energies compared to the Sun, the Wind, the Sky and the Stars, as parts of the intelectual mind, and The Ether.  Water and Soil is seen as bodily/earthly/material substances, and are “heavy” .  They are to be worked with and released , but not, in a sense cultivated.   Extreme aspects of this form of culture is extreme egoism, perverse sexual activity and overconsumption.  There are 7 seals on the path leading to ones true self, but there are also the  seven deadly sins, blocking the way and leading to tragedy and death.


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