Liberatoriums predictions: Food shortage and cold freeze

…wheat (and soy etc) should be up pretty much until 2022,
as the environleninists have set us up for foodshortages,
converting food to diesel, just when global cooling sets in.
climategate is gathering momentum, both in the americas and in europe.

I am buying into norwegian fishfarms, and DAG (2x long agro)
and am looking for an entry into stocks such as CRESY…

this guy has a lot of useful info and links, although I’m not necessarily
in agreement with his conclusions.. food crisis for dummies

nr 1 market timer in the world, Tom McClellan, has a piece at decisionpoint,
outlining his expectations for a sideways and choppy market into the year 2022.
this fits very well with the kondratieff cycle and solar activity.
“The slowdown we see now means that Solar Cycle 25, peaking around the year 2022,
could be one of the weakest in centuries,” solar cycle #24 is set to peak may 2013.
there has been some uncertanty whether the mini ice age has allready started,
or if the real cooling will have to wait until after next solar maximum arround may 2013.
.. the weather conditions over the last couple of months is giving credence to the former.
changes in the sun’s surface to bring next climate change.

the demographic time bomb is also set to detonate during this period.. harry dent

we are running out of time for the market to do it’s thing before
the next sunspotcycle kicks in with increasing solar activity.
solar maximum is scheduled for may 2013, so an economic upturn
should be maturing by then, and likely be nearing it’s completion.
there has never been a recession that initiated while the monthly
number of sunspots was increasing, and ongoing ones have soon faded.
not since 1913 has there been a comparatively long period with
minimum activity such we are witnessing today.. 1913 was a tragic year!

I don’t think all markets made their final bottom last march,
like crb for instance, which did not trade below the 2001 low.
martin armstrong’s economic confidence model, the pei cycle,
has a major inflection point estimated for this upcoming march/april.

as to what may trigger such dramatic moves in the markets,
a domino effect of souvereign defaults seems to be the most probable.
the next stage of the credit crisis … barton biggs on the likelyhood of anarchy
the founder of shadowstats, John Williams: we’re screwed!
a note of appreciation from the rich … the earth plus 5%

sooner or later, the words of Lord Acton will materialise.. he said:
“… the issue which has swept down the centuries and will have to
be fought sooner or later is THE PEOPLE VERSUS THE BANKS.”



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