Norways public dept per capita to date: $45,408

Total dept of Norway: 219,991,000,000 USD

Who´s in for a big surprise very soon?

Click these links to explore a real black hole:

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Facts supplied by Liberatorium


2 Responses

  1. Remember that this is gross debt. The Norwegian state has more assets than other countries per capita, and thus won’t go bust in the near-term or mid-term future, but there are clear signs that the assets have contributed sharply to hubris and an inflated sense of invulnerability.

    As the European debt crisis has highlighted the importance of having debt accumulation under control, one can hope that Norway learns a lesson. But debt is still being accumulated at high speed both by municipalities, counties, the state and regular people. This should be adressed more in the media, or the country may face problems in the future.

  2. As for the rest of this site, some of it seems rather naïve at first glance.

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