The Industry Part 66: H.R. Giger

The NATO drug cartel


The media reports appeared that U.S. forces in Afghanistan are engaged in drug smuggling. For commentary, Alexander Nagorny turned to an expert on organized crime, political analyst Vladimir Filin.

– Vladimir Ilyich, the Americans in Afghanistan are really engaged in drug trafficking?

– Yes, they have for this ideal. They control the Bagram airfield, where to fly military transport aircraft to the U.S. military base in Germany. This database is for two years became the largest transit point, from which Afghan heroin goes to other U.S. bases and installations in Europe. Especially a lot goes to the former Yugoslavia, in Kosovo. And from there, and the Kosovo Albanian drug mafia again to import heroin into Germany and other EU countries.

– Why is everything so difficult?

– At military bases smugglers feel relatively safe. There is no such control. And German police there did not work.However, outside the jurisdiction of law enforcement databases Germany enters into force. Of course, any police can be bought. However, in Germany the level of corruption is not as high as, for example, in Russia. So the Americans easier to create distribution centers in other locations. I think, over time, such centers will become military targets in Poznan, Poland is, as well as in Romania and Bulgaria. Poland – a member of the European Union, Romania and Bulgaria are going to take place in the 2007 year. And corruption there is almost the same as ours.

– How big is the volume of the American drug trafficking in Europe and who is behind all this?

– This is about 15-20 tons of heroin a year. When open Poznan, I think it might be 50 or even 70 tons. And behind this intelligence, the CIA and DIA. In fact, already been in Indochina in 60-70-ies and in Central America in the 80’s.

– What is the goal pursued by U.S. intelligence?

– First, the personal enrichment. Secondly, the intelligence services receive huge amounts. This means they can spend at their discretion, without the knowledge of Congress and even the U.S. president. Finally, it allows us to solve political problems. For example, based on common commercial interests to negotiate with the Afghan warlords, “roof” of drug trafficking in its own bailiwick. And yet this is a serious lever of influence on the Kosovo Albanian diaspora, numbering in the EU over a million people. This sort of “fifth column” in the U.S. “old Europe”.

– What are expected consequences for Russia?

– New American channel traffic is an alternative to the old transit routes. Including the route through our country.From Russia, he has no control over, today it controls other. Therefore, the smaller the transit of drugs through Russia, the weaker the drug mafia, which has exits to the external forces.

– And what, before we really controlled the transit of drugs?

– How do you say? In 94 th year in Afghanistan from Pakistan came to the Taliban, who occupied the south. In the 96-m, the Taliban entered Kabul. And two years later they appeared in Kunduz. In Ahmad Shah Massoud then remained only Pandsher and a small area on the border with Tajikistan. In Tajikistan itself after the civil war in power were Kuliabis who were completely dependent on Russia, from our 201 th Division. Massoud is also dependent on Russia. He has been our advisers, that we were supplied, his aircraft was based at the airport in Kulyab. That is, Masood, and Tajiks were kept entirely on Russia. Our influence was predominant. However, even then there were the British in the Pamirs, more precisely, “The Aga Khan IV”. But it was a local phenomenon.Now about “spetstovare. Its main weight has always been and now is still going to Europe via Iran and Turkey.After Tajikistan was never going more than 15 percent.

– And who specifically worked on this?

– It’s not personalities, and trends. Until the year 2000 Russia was not a significant consumer of heroin. Indigent population, and heroin was expensive. Besides, we had no tradition of its use. Therefore, the main part of the “spetstovara” is 25-30 tons per year, the transit was in Europe for the Kosovo Albanians. You see, everything is not easy: from Afghanistan to Tajikistan, then to Russia, and from there yet, and in Europe, in the former Yugoslavia. This was the need of a major organization with great potential, with a serious cover.

– So, these were security forces, the army?

– Why need an army? “The Aga Khan IV” this too has always worked. But then not all the same army.

– What has changed since the year 2000?

– Increased prices for oil, the country appeared bad money, there was a large domestic market. Take “spetstovar” from Tajikistan to Russia is easier than through Russia to Europe. The monopoly and centralization here become redundant. On the contrary, there is effective decentralization, the cellular structure on the basis of many small and medium-sized, predominantly ethnic communities. And those Tajiks. In addition to the Tajiks, this business has to connect Turkmenistan, and at the state level. Geographically, it is profitable: the Caspian Sea, Astrakhan, Azerbaijan. In Azerbaijan went to Afghan drugs from Iran. And through Turkey, until this spring did not blocked Batumi. I think that is temporarily blocked. Ultimately, all this heroin comes to Russia. Azerbaijani diaspora we have is two million Tajiks – one million. There is also the Gypsies – the most frostbitten. In general, ready-dealer network. With money, too, no problem. One building complex of Moscow real estate market are worth! Somewhere year of 2002, the entire drug industry to trample down the English of the MI-6 and DIS – British military intelligence. Not directly, of course. But control is very effective.

– How did this happen?

– In late 2001, the British appeared in Kunduz province. This is their area of responsibility in Afghanistan. There, the distribution of functions in the multinational force, they are responsible for drug trafficking in general throughout the country, not just at home in the north. More precisely, as it is officially sounds, are responsible for combating the cultivation of opium poppies. Not the Americans, namely the British. They began with the fact that the drug had stopped his own country. Heroin for the year grew them in half. This four-fifths of all heroin passed in transit through Tajikistan. Then they felt that this is enough for England, and began to develop the Russian market.

– How?

– Recruited by the major drug lords – prominent public figures in Tajikistan. Those, in turn, affect the Tajik diaspora in Russia – is a complete retail network, with ties purchased cops, security officers, customs. And besides, they have longstanding relationships with some Russian, based in Tajikistan, as in the military and border guards, who, when we withdraw troops from Bosnia and Kosovo, thereby blocking direct access “spetstovara in Europe, began financial problems. Not that they are poorer. They’re just not used to count money, but there had to be considered. In other words, these people can not resist, when the old partners from among the respected Tajiks coming to him with “business” proposals. This is a typical commercial recruitment through intermediaries – a traditional English method.

– It turns out, the British control the drug trade in Russia?

– Yes, indirectly, for heroin by 70 percent. Both wholesale and retail. And make it through the Tajik and Russian citizens who have been recruited on a commercial basis.

– Which exit? How to deal with it?

– Tightening control over the export of acetic anhydride in the Asian countries will not improve the situation radically. The recent arrest Gafoor Sedoy also does not solve all problems. Something to think about the real fight against corruption at Russian customs and law enforcement. But more about that in the current government can only dream of. However, the limited air and rail freight transport in Tajikistan, including for law enforcement agencies, I believe, still possible. This would hinder large shipments. You then need something to do with the migration of both legal and illegal. It would inflict a blow to the dealer network. In general, any means necessary to reduce the influx of Afghan heroin.

– But if there is demand for drugs, it will offer?

– Fighting is still needed. One should study the world experience. There is a point of view, which I really disagree that if the deliver, even temporarily, a screen heroin, will shift the market for cocaine. This happened in the U.S. in the 70-80’s, after their withdrawal from Indochina. Cocaine – is, of course, a poison, but heroin is much worse.

– What is it?

– First, do more harm to health. Second, cocaine is more expensive. Consequently, it is less accessible. Third, we do not have the Colombian diaspora, and in Colombia is not a sufficient number of members of the organization, “roof” Russian seaports. Columbia – this is not Peter, Chekists there be dangerous, there is a war, may kidnap or kill. In general, it turns out the broken circuit less susceptible to the British and American influence. Finally, referred to sea ports, where ships come from Latin America. We were only a few, and the border with Central Asia and Transcaucasia immense. That is, monitoring and control still easier.

– But you said that this view does not agree?

– Of course, disagrees. It would be nice to put a barrier to all drugs. But how to do it, I do not know.