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Commando- Otto Skorzeny Tells All!

Otto Skorzeny Faked Hitler’s death
& This Is The Proof !

Hitler lived free in America until he died of
old age at 114 years in the Bethesda, MD
Naval Hospital in 2004!

According to Skorzeny, The former President’s father, George H.W. Bush the 41st President wasn’t born in America. George H.W. Bush
is really an SS Nazi spy named George H. Scherff Jr. the son of Dr. Nikola Tesla’s
illegal immigrant German born accountant George H. Scherff Sr.!

Allegedly” George H.W. Bush & the C.I.A. murdered J.F.K. George H.W. Bush
was the “badgeman” on the grassy
knoll! Oswald didn’t do it!

Stewart Swerdlow – Hyperspace 101

In this lecture, medical intuitive and a clairvoyant, Stewart Swerdlow gives elementary knowledge that provides ground for understanding the language of hyperspace which is the original language of the God-Mind consisting of Colors, Tones, and Archetypes (symbols). Ever wanted to know how telepathy really works? The Language of Hyperspace is the interspecies and interuniversal language used by all beings. In this video, Stewart talks about flowchart of creation, human chakra system, basic color codes, some protection techniques, basic archetypes and how to use them, Oversoul basics, and many other extraordinary topics.

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