Don´t Go West!

You should see this production by The Celtic Rebel about Hollywoods Anal fixation!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Doing this 33 ass-ass-in, you will shut down your pineal-gland…

Hollywood MK Deception 25 – ALL THE WORLD’S A STAGE

Project Monarch is in full swing on television daily. While MPD/DID (multiple personality disorder/dissociative identity disorder) celebrity victims undergo their daily dose of trauma, we can now see how the webs are spun. There is no refuge for MK Assets in Hollywood. All avenues for media exposure are controlled, all friends and confidants are involved in securing the asset, and Lawyer operated paparazzi ensure there will be NO PRIVACY. But, sometimes it’s noticeable. Especially when you have the manual at your fingertips. Now we just need the classified celebrity files DECLASSIFIED…

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