Operation Highjump and Hitlers escape

One of the two last submarines belonging to the Nazis, the U-977, docked in Norway at the end of WW2, so this CON has to adress!  We still have problems with sosiopath fascists running the government in this country.

This CT came back into my mainframe recently.  I was provided some TV-productions I didn´t see before, but the theories is as old as the war itself.

Keywords like, Hitler didn´t die in Berlin, Nazi UFO base in Antarctica, Operation Paperclip/Nazis run the CIA and lying eyewitnesses are being challenged.

One rumor states Admiral Bird was sent on a 8 month mission (Operation Highjump) to Antarctica, only to come back after 3 with less soldiers, less warplanes, great defeat and confusion.  Surely very emberrasing!  It supposedly also was a big hole in the sea-carrier used.  Another rumor is that Hitler lived with his wife in Argentina til he died 87 years old, outlived by Eva Braun.

Did Dr.Death Mengele flee to Brazil and continued his work on human genetics there somewhere like it´s portrayed in the movie “The Boys from Brazil“?

The videos posted also compromises that the russian kept skull of Hitler isn´t his, but of a young woman!

OK, press play on tape:

Parts 2 3 4 5 6

Parts 2 3 4 5 (counter propaganda?)

Parts 2 3 4 5

So the story of the Third Reich disc programs does not end with the collapse of the
Third Reich itself. It continues unresolved…


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PS:  The Nazis developed our modern medicine and the PR-techniques used today around the world…



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