Book: “Schwedenkiste” – Illuminati survived in Scandia


After Adam Weishaupt had fled in 1785, the center of activity for the Illuminati shifted from Bavaria to the Duchies of Saxe-Gotha and Saxe-Weimar. And while the founder of the Illuminati was content to safely settle down for the long haul at the court of Duke Ernst II of Saxe Gotha, Johann Joachim Christoph Bode (1730-1793) took the reins and assumed the role previously held by Weishaupt.

Through the efforts of Bode and an expanding network of recruits – and under the protection of the Illuminati Dukes Karl August of Saxe-Weimar and Ernst II of Saxe-Gotha – new colonies were established in places like France, Russia and Italy. Bode kept the Weimar and Gotha Lodges Amalia and Ernst Zum Kompass informed of his activities, but the bulk of the evidence of continued Illuminati activity remained in his possession.

Ensuring that whatever they contained would remain secret, upon Bode’s death in December 1793 his literary executor, Illuminatus Christian Gottlieb von Voigt (1743–1819), transferred his deceased friend’s possessions to Duke Ernst II of Saxe-Gotha who had already bought the voluminous papers before Bode died.

Bode’s legacy was too damaging, and after a brief inspection the Duke had the papers sealed (merging them with his own), and changed his will to stipulate that his Masonic legacy should be sent to the Grand Lodge in Sweden after his death – protected and secure from publication.

The Duke died in April 1804, whereupon the transfer of these documents was duly carried out, confidentially, under the auspices of surviving members of the Illuminati.

With the supervision of the Swedish royal family, the Grand Lodge of Sweden protected the legacy of the Illuminatus for over 70 years. In 1883, however, following a request from the Duke’s great-grandchild – Duke Ernst II of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (1818-1893), a Mason himself – they were returned, and again became the property the Gotha Lodge Ernst Zum Kompass. (The documents of the Ernst/Bode estate were transported via rail, in a large wooden box. This is where the term “Schwedenkiste” or “Swedish Box” originates.)

It was organized in 1919 into 20 volumes along with registries and lists of its contents.

The Nazis confiscated it 1935/6 under a general suppression of Freemasonry; it was moved to Silesia during the war, and was subsequently stolen by the Russians and transferred to the Soviet Union. Most of it was returned to (East) Germany in 1950s – volumes 1-9 and 11-20 – but the tenth-volume remained in Moscow.

Monika Neugebauer-Wölk writes: After the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the partial opening of the Russian archives to international research, the tenth volume of the Swedish Box was rediscovered by the Merseburg archivist Renate Endler in the Moscow special archive. As a consequence of German reunification, the Freemasonry archives were transferred in 1994 from Merseburg to the Geheimes Staatsarchiv Preußischer Kulturbesitz Berlin. Here the estate of Bode is available for scholarly use with permission of the Grand National Mother-Lodge “Zur den drei Weltkugeln”. – Monika Neugebauer-Wölk, “Illuminaten” entry, in Dictionary of Gnosis & Western Esotericism, ed. Wouter J. Hanegraaff, Brill Academic Publishers, 2005, p. 596.

Faithfully adhering to Ernst’s order not to publish any of this material, safely in Sweden during most of the 19th- and then Gotha into the 20th-century, the papers of Bode were kept under lock and key. Only a few pre WWI and WWII scholars were even allowed to examine them; Leopold Engel and René Le Forestier, for instance, but they weren’t given full access, and what they intended to publish was closely scrutinized.

With the entire comprehensive collection restored and accessible to research, much has been learned about the Illuminati’s makeup and activities in the latter half of the 1780s: Quibus licet reports from the initiates themselves, minutes of meetings, protocols for provincials and prefects, and lists of members and their aliases.

One of the first researchers to make full use of the material was Hermann Schüttler. While utilizing his Die Mitglieder des Illuminatenordens 1776-1787/93 [The Members of the Order of the Illuminati 1776-1787/93] (Munich: Ars Una 1991) as a source for my own book, for instance, I was struck by how many times references to the Schwedenkiste were cited as proof of membership for a number of initiates. That was in 1991, however, when Volume X of the Swedish Box was still missing in Moscow. In 1997 he subsequently published “Zwei freimaurerische Geheimgesellschaften des 18. Jahrhunderts im Vergleich: Strikte Observanz und Illuminatenorden” [A Comparison of Two 18th-Century Masonic Secret Societies: Strict Observance and Illuminatenorden]. Whereas in 1991 the number of confirmed Illuminati members was 1255, Schüttler, largely by utilizing Volume X, managed to increase the number to 1394.

One thing that became clear from the new evidence found in the Swedish Box was the fundamental importance of pedagogy to the Illuminati. So much so, that Peggy Pawlowski’s 2004 doctoral thesis is dedicated to the subject: Der Beitrag Johann Adam Weishaupts zur Pädagogik des Illuminatismus [Johann Adam Weishaupt’s Contribution to the Pedagogy of Illuminatism] (2004). To Pawlowski, the Illuminati can be thought of as the executive arm of the Aufklärung [the German Enlightenment].

The educational theories of Rousseau and Basedow were just that – theories. In order to effectively change society, the Illuminati reasoned, the new pedagogy had to be implemented by either taking control of existing institutions (which they did) or by founding some of their own. An instance of the latter is the Schnepfenthal Educational Institute in Gotha. As the material found in the Swedish Box confirms, at all stages of its financing, establishment and staffing, the hand of the Illuminati is clearly discerned. (See Christine Schaubs’ “Salzmanns Schulgründung im Lichte der Illuminaten” [Salzmann’s School was Clearly Founded by the Illuminati] and “Die Erziehungsanstalt in Schnepfenthal im Umfeld geheimer Sozietäten” [Secret Societies and the Educational Institute in Schnepfenthal]; and Perfectibilists, pp. 403-5.)

This post is dedicated to the norwegian prof. (ehm!) at UIO –  Øystein Sørensen , and his Illuminati denile mission.  Here´s a picture that might be of him.  Sørensen is also considered an expert on the Donald Duck universe, what a coincidence, LOL!  I have to admit he´s right that Illuminatus doesn´t exist, IT´S CALLED ILLUMINATI YOU FOOL!  Sørensen is also a nationalist, socialist, ateist…

Myths of ecology

From: “Better than Organica Conversation” with Agricola by Michael Astera

One way of describing his energy ideas might be the comparison of a dead battery and a fully charged battery. Their elemental makeup is identical: the same amount of Lead, Sulfur, and water are in each, but one of them can do useful work while the other one just sits there. There’s an energy flow when you connect + and – on the charged battery, nothing on the dead battery.

Let me see if I can make that a bit more clear. The charged battery has the same mix of elements in the same proportions as the dead battery, but there are a lot of potential chemical reactions that haven’t happened yet, chemical reactions that release energy. Sort of like a bottle of vinegar and a dish of baking soda; when you pour the vinegar onto the baking soda, things start fizzing, heat and energy are released. When the fizzing stops, things have reached chemical equilibrium and there’s no more energy release. A living soil with the right balance of minerals always has a certain amount of chemical imbalance, things being born and dying and decomposing, plant roots exchanging Hydrogen for Calcium or Potassium, grains of sand breaking down and releasing new minerals. Nutrient elements are constantly shuffling around and energy is being released. In a dead soil, nothing is happening, new nutrients are not being released and exchanged, and the only way to get plants to grow is by feeding them synthetic fertilizers.

So one could have two soils of identical chemical composition but of different energy potentials, and the energized soil would grow good crops while the “dead battery” soil just sat there. This is a valuable observation Reams made, one that has been overlooked by many agricultural researchers.

Reams and his students also popularized the use of the refractometer in agriculture. A refractometer is a fancy name for a simple tube and eyepiece with a prism lens at one end that is used to measure dissolved solids in a liquid. It measures in the Brix scale and has long been used by professional winemakers to measure the sugar content of grapes–the higher the Brix reading, the sweeter the grapes.

Now this is a simple little device that anyone can use. One could even take it with them to the fruit stand and measure the sugar content, hence the mineral content, of an orange or a tomato before buying a bagful. If that orange has a Brix reading of 16%, buy it! If it’s only 4 or 6%, don’t waste your money on insipid, tasteless food. Pretty cool.

What the refractometer measures is how much light is bent, or refracted, by the dissolved solids in the plant’s juice or sap. A thin, watery sap devoid of nutrients won’t bend the light passing through it like a sweet, richly mineralized sap will. So a person can use a refractometer to measure the quality of their own homegrown fruits and vegetables.

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Hey! – The devil might be in your fridge right now

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BOK: “Sannhetens kår” av Christian Borch

Politikken er blitt salgsobjekt. Ideer og visjoner markedsføres på linje med sjokolade og nye bilmodeller, skriver Christian Borch. Med Europa som arbeidsfelt i tretti år, har han observert en stille transformasjon av holdninger og verdier.

I denne boken viser han hvordan neokapitalismen nå har fortrengt den sosiale samvittighet, og hvordan markedets lover har tatt styring over politikkens premisser.

Antall sider: 272
Utgivelsesdato: 11.08.09 – Cappelen Damm
ISBN: 9788202307967
ISBN-10: 8202307961
Språk/målform: Bokmål

BOK: “Utviklingshjelp, utenrikspolitikk og makt – Den norske modellen” av Terje Tvedt

Denne boken kommer til gi gjennklang i korridorene regner vi med!

Utviklingshjelp, utenrikspolitikk og makt . Den norske modellen kom første gang ut i 2003. I denne reviderte 2. utgaven føres analysen av norsk utviklings- og utenrikspolitikk helt frem til i dag.

I boken vises hvordan systemiske trekk som elitesirkulasjon og korporativisme har forsterket seg på en rekke områder. Den dokumenterer også hvordan utviklingspolitikken og utenrikspolitikken i de senere årene har mobilisert stadig større deler av samfunnet og utvidet sin maktbasis i Norge. Den gir slående eksempler på hvordan verden fortsatt modelleres i hjelperens perspektiv, og på hvordan vanskelige politiske spørsmål reduseres til enkel moraliserende posering. Dessuten diskuteres sentrale nasjonale institusjoner (som Røde Kors, NRK og Riksrevisjonen) og deres roller.

Forfatter: Terje Tvedt

Utgivelsesår: 2009  – 2. utgave – Gyldendal Akademisk

346 sider

ISBN/EAN: 9788205391994

BOK: “Den grønne supermaten” av David Sandoval.

I anledning lanseringen av boken “Den grønne supermaten” besøker ernærings-superstjernen David Sandoval Norge.  Supermat, mest kjent internasjonalt under betegnelsen “Wholefood”, er mat som har nærings-stoffene inntakte.  Dette mangler faktisk i moderne “go gammaldags husmannskost”, men Davids futuristiske produkter ligner mer på det vi spiste også tusner av år siden.  Altså en måte å gi kroppen næring på, som er mer naturlig enn Mac´ern og Fjodland.  Ved å se på hve cellene i kroppen vår gjør og kan, går det faktisk ann å komme frem til nyttige og fungerende fakta.  En god del  av dette er beskrevet i denne norske utgivelsen av boken som på engelsk har den litt mer pretansiøse titlen “The green food bible”.

Men Davids produktserie er svaret på de mange spørsmålene man sitter igjen med etter å ha lest denne boken.  Spørsmål som: hvordan kan jeg spise 20 viktige grønnsaker om dagen?  Etter 20 års egen forskning, pluss andres, har Pure Planet / Platinum Health/ Purim blitt respekterte standarer i ernærings-orienterte miljøer.  Pulvrene til David blir nytt av Filmstjerner, idrettsutøvere og kreftpasienter verden over pga. sin utrolige og dokumenterbare effekt, på hovedsakelig aldrings-prosesser i kroppens mange mekanismer.  Og han kan med hevet hode skryte av å ha gjort mang en frisk fra alvorlige og ukomfortable plager.  Utbrenthet og energi er også stikkord i denne sammenheng.  Dette burde du for all del lære mer om!  Du får enkelt tak i  supermat og bøkene her:


Oslo               mandag 11. januar kl 18.00 – i bokcafèen hos Cappelen Damm, Akersgt. 47. Smaksprøver og boksalg. David holder foredrag.

Bodø               tirsdag 12. jan – Rica Hotel Bodø, Sjøgata 23

Trondheim onsdag 13. jan – Rica Nidelven Hotel, Havnegt 1-3

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Stavanger      fredag 15. jan – Radisson Blu Atlantic Hotel, Olav V´s gt 3

Oslo                  lørdag 16. jan – Clarion Collection Hotel Gabelshus, Gabels gt.16


16:00 Registrering og smaksprøver

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20:30 Slutt

Pris: kr 150,- pr. person.  Inkluderer seminar og smaksprøver PÅMELDING / SIGN UP HERE:

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Per Aslak Ertresvåg

Still alive! We are deeply sorry about the earlier post and beeing used to further spread this evil rumour about an untrue death.    (And let me add, it´s the second time this rumour is appearing.)  This also means sources are misinforming not only us.  Still I want to make know that Ertresvåg himself believes he is a target for modern freequency weapons.

Here is links to Per Aslak Ertresvåg books:  SOV, MITT LILLE NORGE &       MAKTEN BAK MAKTEN , they are unique seen in the Norwegian setting.

Keep up with Ertresvågs latest movements on his blog: