Soundless Dawn: The Priesthood of Amen-Ra, Liber Oz, and The Eyes of The World

Seek the Mysteries Hidden in Plain Sight.

The Gates are Opening – The Harmonic Keys of Light and Vibration.

Many insights and images featured in this video were courtesy of:

“777 The Great Work” over at the Project Avalon Forum. Keep up the Fantastic Work!

– Your Humble Court Jester – Soundless

Music: Real Rap

Pastor says he’s the Anti-Christ

Live Leaks Link (LLL)

Lost TV: Lobbyisten

“Lobbyisten” NRK TV Brennpunkt 9.4.2002

Inge J. Clausen gir deg en rask innføring i hvordan mann får ting gjort innen norges maktkorridorer og byråkrati.  Vel verdt en titt er dette programmet som ikke engang ligger i NRKs arkiver på nett.

del 1

del 2

del 3a

del 3b

History: Barbarians – The Savage Goths

The Quickening, 2010, and The Symbiotic Holographic Hive Mind

“The Labyrinth of the Psychonaut” is one of the coolest productions on the web, ever!  Here´s a new long awaited episode.  Enjoyyyyyy!

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Say it out loud: “I´m a climate Heretic!

You´ll have to find the other episodes yourself, they are all spread out. 😉