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Documentary | The Revelation of the Pyramids 2011!/LawsonIntel

Magistrate fails to prove Juristiction


The Hittites

To celebrate this special day we take a look back in history to show us the path to a golden future.


Mr Astrotheology | The meaning of it ALL

My new favorite lecturer.  Enjoy!

David Icke Debunked *Full Documentary*

Parallels between David Icke and Alice Bailey dismissing the Christ.

Internet / Information | Dutchsinse Blog

After youtube and the evil ones flagged all his videos and even broke in to the house of his best friend and shot him, Dutch made his own blog.  On the Project Camelot interview from last night he tells what he has found out about radioactivity and the many sick things been done to our enveiroment at these times.  Please check out and support Dutchsinse!


New link added :



Peter Levenda | Secret Space Program

Finally!  Peter Levenda rounds up everything the dark side has done in the 1900’s and ties it all up to a carpet that he lifts to unveil the crazy hidden history of the infamous Nazi Ufo scientists.  Watch this if you wonder about interlinkage between SS, CIA, WW2 spies, vatican, OTO, NASA, the Kennedy assassination, South Americas etc, etc.  This is one of the best presentations I have ever seen on the subject for real!