HEALTH | Radiation protection with ADYA CLARITY

So, what can I do if my drinking-water is contaminated with nuclear particles?

For every problem there is a solution.  ADYA CLARITY is a product so futuristic and simple it’s hard to believe.  But don’t let that stop you, you’ll get used to it!

How does ADYA CLARITY neutralize radiation and makes drinking water safe, healthy and energetic?

The matrix of the BIOTITE minerals solved in the charged water that makes ADYA are magnetic.  The nature of these mineral molecules are of a pattern that neutralizes, not only radioactive particles and protects your body from their harm, but this amazing stuff also…

– Purify, structures, micro-clusters and optimize your water.

– Depletes mineral sufficiency with about 100 minerals and trace minerals.

– Activates the oxygen in your water.

– Detoxes your body.

– Kills unwanted and dangerous bacterias such as e-Colli.

– Dissolves chlorine and other chemicals from your water.

– Dissolves harmful plastics, solvents and solids from your water.

– Makes heavy metals in your water harmless.

– Softens water and hydrates your body at the cellular level.

– Optimizes enzymatic functions due to the frequency of the para-magnetic sulfate minerals ADYA contains.


And as if this isn’t enough ADYA CLARITY  has also shown to ward off Candida infections, joint pain and help you regain health and strength.  Mineral deficiency might be a invitation to several diseases.  ADYA reverses this.

If used in jacuzzis hot-tubs, and swimming-pools it can keep your water clean for up to 8 months and you don’t need any dangerous chlorine.

Plants grows bigger, stronger and more tasty when given ADYA, and if you soak your vegetables, fruits and nuts, ADYA will pull out any chemicals and bacterias will die.

You can prepare a bath with a large potion and it will even pull heavy-metals and pollution out of your fatty tissues and skin.

In other words, this is totally amazing!

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ADYA CLARITY now send 10% of sales to Fukushima! 

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