Birke Baehr – “What’s Wrong With Our Food System”

There is hope!

The Winged Beatle

To mesmerize a whole world and to change culture for ever must take an incredible force..  Where did the Beatles get theirs?  Maybe they learned a thing or two from the MI6, Aleister Crowley, who they obviously loved?

To kick your sandals off on a hot day to walk on the even hotter asphalt sounds pretty corny Paul…

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Part 4

Part 5

Disclosure is imminent

New UFO documentary  spins off in to Norwegian mainstream media:

Terje Toftenes is the man behind the film thedaybeforedisclosure.  Terje went to the US to tape Dr.Greer, Bob Dean and others known from youtube and such.

Today we read on that UFOs disabled US atomic weapons.  Not unknown to people surfing fringy web-sites, but nonetheless sensational, true or false…

Is this an atempt to make us believe angels are physical or is it the truth?

Finally disclosure is coming to Norway, or is it just ridicule again…


Dr. Mercola tripple dose

Mercola is a superb nutritionist.  He is also very productive on the net.  I am so glad I can subscribe to his wonderful newsletter.

Here is three subjects you should get to know to improve your own and your kids´ health:

Mental health, placebos and the medical mafia

Aluminium toxicity and vaccines

The beneficiary effects of the algae Chlorella and Spirulina

Click on the video to see all episodes in the series

Live well!

Forecast: The next 100 years – George Friedman

George Friedman is the founder and chief intelligence officer of STRATFOR, which analyses and forecasts trends in world affairs. He is an internationally recognised expert in security and intelligence issues. He is also the author of several books, including The Future of War. The Next 100 Years will be released in March 2009, and George will be touring in May 2009. He has been invited as a guest to the 2009 Sydney Writers’ Festival.