Bill Cooper – The CNN Interview

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The Winged Beatle

To mesmerize a whole world and to change culture for ever must take an incredible force..  Where did the Beatles get theirs?  Maybe they learned a thing or two from the MI6, Aleister Crowley, who they obviously loved?

To kick your sandals off on a hot day to walk on the even hotter asphalt sounds pretty corny Paul…

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Don´t Go West!

You should see this production by The Celtic Rebel about Hollywoods Anal fixation!

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Doing this 33 ass-ass-in, you will shut down your pineal-gland…

The Industry Part 66: H.R. Giger

New Link: Hashem studios

The djinn and mindcontrol are keywords in this series of internet films.

Roger Morneau: A Trip Into The Supernatural

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Roger Morneau was involved in demon worship, lived in that world for many months, and escaped alive. He is able to give us inside information about it. It does not conform with popular notes of who parttakes and what the activities are. Roger was elected to be a member of an elite group of demon worshipers. When he was about to be permanently initiated he asked for help from higher powers to leave it alive. Interview with the famous author of the book titled the same.

Swedish: Roger Morneau har dragits in i den övernaturliga världen, levt där i flera månader och lämnat den levande. Han kan ge oss insides information om att den inte alls motsvarar våra förväntningar om vad det är, och vilka det är som deltar. Roger var aspirant i en elitgrupp av demontillbedjare och när prövotiden var slut fick han beskydd av högre makter att lämna den med livet i behåll. Intervju med den kända författaren till boken med samma namn.

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