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Er Frimureriet en skjult maktelite som styrer verden? Foredrag og filmvisning av Jyri Lina

Torsdag 24. juni kl 1800

Entré kr. 100,-

Den estiske forfatteren Jyri Lina kommer til Norge !

Lina vil holde foredrag på svensk og vise filmen “I skyggen av Hermes: Kommunismens hemmeligheter” som handler om hvordan frimurerne bygget opp Sovjetunionen. Lina påpeker hvordan den skjulte globale makteliten fortsatt styrer den vestlige verden. Er deres mål å skape en diktatorisk verdensregjering?

”Den som ikke kjenner sannheten om fortiden vil være fortapt i fremtiden”

Gå ikke glipp av denne unike muligheten til å få med deg viktig og spennende informasjon som vil gi ny forståelse for verden i dag.

OsloTorsdag 24. juni kl. 18 i Unity-huset, adr. Møllergt. 23.
For mer info, klikk her

BergenFredag 25. juni kl. 19 i ”Den Ene”, adr. Marken 19.

For mer info se: www.jyrilina.com


I don´t have words to describe this, but I feel CON-followers should see this so hold tight!


Ashayana Deane

I went to Florida to interview A’shayana Deane, author of the Voyager books. Her previous work details the history behind the genetic engineering of the human race and the numerous ET races that have been interacting with and shaping our destiny here on Earth as well as throughout the many multi-verses. This information is highly complex and detailed. She and two other “speakers” as they call themselves are receiving this information via telepathic downloads. They have been trained by the Guardian Alliances, a group of ETs who protect the secrets of ascension and the stargates on this planet and others from what they call the self-interested Intruder races.

This interview is the first part of several hours I spent with Ashayana Deane and the others working with her on briinging the science of Keylonta to the planet. Keylonta is the science of “light, sound, subconscious symbol codes and base codes of matter”. The many images on the video of charts and “maps” depict these concepts in a visual manner aimed at stimulating memory and re-awkening the DNA pathways in the viewer. The .pdf files for download are available for purchase at Azurite Press to assist those who are interested in following along more closely while watching the video.

Because of the complex but vital information presented here I encourage anyone who is interested to do further research and to visit the website for more information. Classes and DVDs are available there as well: Azuritepress.com

Kerry Lynn Cassidy
May 2010

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