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After youtube and the evil ones flagged all his videos and even broke in to the house of his best friend and shot him, Dutch made his own blog.  On the Project Camelot interview from last night he tells what he has found out about radioactivity and the many sick things been done to our enveiroment at these times.  Please check out and support Dutchsinse!


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1. Peter Breggin, MD – Psychiatry and the Holocaust | The Violence Initiative

This untold history lesson gives us an insight into the mindset that made able the holocaust.  If you didn’t know you will be surprised it started a long time before WW2 and Nazi-Hitler.  Please see!


Programmer under oath admits computers rig elections | I knew it!

Communist threat to freedom and knowledge

Yuri Bezmenov simply told us the truth after he fled the USSR and KGB.  If you understands what he talks about it is easy to verify it by just looking around society today.  The clip was made back in 1984 already.

The Jesuit order created communism a long time ago.  The former Sovjet has been a tool to destroy faith in God, freedom, protestantism and wealth.  The catho-communists also infiltrated the vatican around WW2 and has misused the church.


CIA | Facebook

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Documentary: Defamation (about the ADL)

Lokal event: TABU-oversikten for norske redaktører og journalister – Foredrag ved Hans K. Gaarder på Unity i Oslo.

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