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After youtube and the evil ones flagged all his videos and even broke in to the house of his best friend and shot him, Dutch made his own blog.  On the Project Camelot interview from last night he tells what he has found out about radioactivity and the many sick things been done to our enveiroment at these times.  Please check out and support Dutchsinse!


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Lokal event: TABU-oversikten for norske redaktører og journalister – Foredrag ved Hans K. Gaarder på Unity i Oslo.

Tirsdag, 25. Januar 2011, 19:00 – 21:00

Møllergt 23 (v/ Youngstorget)

Sted Rom 608

Navn på kontaktperson: Hans K. Gaarder
Telefon: 90 19 78 81
Pris: 100 kr.

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Chemtrails: Fact, not fiction!

So, you laugh at those who expose and beleive in this?  Shame on you!

Here´s proof!

The Trap of Yahweh July 05, 2010, 07:14 AM

This is some real cryptic shit, MichelleNye:

Go to channel:

How HAARP works

The Sun-Spot-Cycles and CME´s also plays a major role on earthquakes and weather, dont´t forget that!

CBC Broadcast on HAARP and Weather Control