Peter Levenda | Secret Space Program

Finally!  Peter Levenda rounds up everything the dark side has done in the 1900’s and ties it all up to a carpet that he lifts to unveil the crazy hidden history of the infamous Nazi Ufo scientists.  Watch this if you wonder about interlinkage between SS, CIA, WW2 spies, vatican, OTO, NASA, the Kennedy assassination, South Americas etc, etc.  This is one of the best presentations I have ever seen on the subject for real!

David Wilcock | The Source Field Investigations

A superb presentation by David Wilcock that really adds things up.  Enjoy!

The NAZI UFOs story

Why UFOs and the occult religions are connected and why we are interressed in both.  This one rounds it up:


Good to see them back togheter again!

UFO ORB over Jerusalem?

Also see the comparison with these three to the fourth video fake and planted to debunk, YouTube.

Was this predicted by Stanley A. Fulham(?):

(Part 2)

Read the comprehensive news overview from The Examiner. Also check out “Spectacular Jan 18, 2011 Moscow UFO part fulfillment of ET council’s prediction?” from The Examiner.

Another “War of the Worlds”-like event or could this be a case of UFO-tourism (if you came from another planet who wouldn’t visit The Dome of the Rock)? Seems like some flash-photography is going on before the “take-off”.

Ancient Aliens – The Mission

Bill Cooper – The CNN Interview

All parts