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Scientist-Astronaut Edgar Mitchell: Man not alone in universe

Fra pressekonferansen via CNN.

Edgar Dean Mitchell, who flew on the 1971 Apollo 14 mission to the moon, says there is extraterrestrial life, and that it’s being concealed by the United States government, among others.

(CNN) — Earth Day may fall later this week, but as far as former NASA astronaut Edgar Mitchell and other UFO enthusiasts are concerned, the real story is happening elsewhere.

Mitchell, who was part of the 1971 Apollo 14 moon mission, asserted Monday that extraterrestrial life exists, and that the truth is being concealed by the U.S. and other governments.

He delivered his remarks during an appearance at the National Press Club following the conclusion of the fifth annual X-Conference, a meeting of UFO activists and researchers studying the possibility of alien life forms.

Mankind has long wondered if we’re “alone in the universe. [But] only in our period do we really have evidence. No, we’re not alone,” Mitchell said.

“Our destiny, in my opinion, and we might as well get started with it, is [to] become a part of the planetary community. … We should be ready to reach out beyond our planet and beyond our solar system to find out what is really going on out there.”

Source: CNN. Video of glowing light “orb” hanging over Oslo for 20 minutes:

The Sirius Mystery

Hi! We had a realy cool and interesting meeting last night.  Some new guy who said he probably is to bizzy to come again was very interested in the Sirius Mystery, so he told us all about it and how our galaxy moves around the Sirius system, which makes out the “wobble” of Earths course.  The other wobble theories he dismissed as BS.  I´ve added this video and a link so… Explore for yourself!

10-12 July 2009: Project Camelot in Zurich: A New World – If You Can Take It. Dr Brian O’Leary will be in Zurich in July –

and will be speaking at a conference here organized by the Switzerland Ground Crew, an energetic group of some 20 people based in Zurich who are working closely with Bill Ryan. Brian will be joined by Bill and several other speakers whom the organizing team plans to invite. Brian will be speaking on The Energy Solution Revolution, and will recount anecdotes from his life from his early days in the NASA Astronaut Program and meetings with many of the world’s premier Free Energy activists. Bill will be speaking in depth on the recent Project Camelot major summary: 2009: a Tale of Two Timelines. 100 people have already expressed interest in attending, and there are 360 places. The event will be held at the Zurich Volkshaus and will begin on the Friday evening 10 July, ending at 5 pm on Sunday. Anyone interested in attending please write to with the words “A NEW WORLD” in the subject line. We’ll keep in close touch with you regarding the details of both conferences in LA and Switzerland.

New link added: The 2012 Deception

Many things are to be believed (or not) on this topic of 2012 and Planet X.  This site (link on right side of your screen), will help you cut thru alot of the BS linked up to 2012.  I had to express this, because even in my small country there are “indy” reporters who got this 2012 dick all up in their ass and mouth.  It even seem they got some goo in there eyes.  Its a crying shame, and somehow I feel that it´s apropriate to advocate against the lies at this moment!  Please check it if you are curious about the 2012 phenomena.  Don´t be mislead.  It´s about spirituality, yes!  But not like they are trying to portray.  Please keep away from imperial magik…  We´re trying to build a better world!  Did you ever go to Chichen Itza?  I did.  Sincerely yours,  B.

New link added: Diego Rivera (1886-1957) – Art with a powerful message!

“La Creacion” – Diego Rivera

I´ve got an impression that many has slept on this amazing mural artist.  His work is much like the modern graffiti, but it has a much, much deeper level to it.  Quite successful and inovative in his workings, this Mexican was even hired to paint a huge wall in the Rockefeller placa, also known as the tower of the 666´es.  After it was done, the Rockefellers decided to paint it over and erase it.  The message in the art was too powerful and enlightening on certain topics, I guess.  If you ever go to Mexico City, be sure to visit the “BELLA ARTES” and see all the inside walls decorated by Diego.  His paintings illustrates our fascistic history with A-bombs, armies and skelletons in deep contrast with children, flowers and Butterflies.  But he is probably most known for his marriage with a confused woman called Frida Kahlo, another senseless, well known artist , whos probably been cannonized by the commercial world to put the real genius in the shadows.  From visiting the house the lived in, I got the impression that she was control-freak and that she adopted her whole style from her man, but lacking.  The Great ones surely are the most miserable in this “modern” world (like Munch or Van Gogh.)  Please check out his work and illuminate yourself!  I love this pioneer very much.  Rest in peace Diego! B.

Debattmøte: Norsk dobbeltmoral – våpenhandel & fredsarbeid

Debatt: «Norsk dobbeltmoral: Våpenhandel og fredsarbeid»

Sted: Det Norske Studentersamfund, Storsalen

Tid: Torsdag 23. April kl. 19:00

Billetter: Helt gratis

Norsk industri er en stor leverandør av ammunisjon, våpensystemer, komponenter til våpenindustrien. Faktisk er Norge rangert som nummer 20 på listen over handel med Major Conventional Weapons (MCW) for 2006.

Et stortingsvedtak fra 1959 sier at «Norge vil ikke tillate salg av våpen eller ammunisjon til områder som er i krig, eller der det er trussel om krig, eller land involvert i borgerkrig». Allikevell har norskproduserte våpen og ammunisjon funnet veien til blandt annet Mosambik, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, Colombia og Israel.

Vi spør oss derfor:

  • Hva mener panelet er utfordringen med å drive våpeneksport og fredsarbeid? Er det en motsetning?
  • Hvordan løser Norge disse utfordringene?
  • Hva slags begrensninger legger norske politikere på våpenprodusentene, og blir de fulgt opp? *Hva burde bli gjort?

I panelet sitter journalist Erling Borgen, leder av fredslagets våpenhandelgruppe Alexander Harang, stortingsrepresentant Peter Skovholt Gitmark fra Høyre og Røde Kors folkerettsjef Mads Harlem. UD og AP har begge fått invitasjon, men har enda ikke gitt svar fra seg. Svar skyldig kanskje? Debatten går av stablen i storsalen på Det norske studentersamfundet torsdag den 23. april klokken 1900.

Mer info hos novafest09